Why You Should Join a Foundation Programme

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There are many options and routes one can take after graduating from high school. You can head straight to university, no detours, and no sidetracks. If you need more time to decide on what degree or pathway to choose, a pre-university programme will be the best option.

Many people are familiar with the tried and true A-Levels programme, or the International Baccalaureate. The Cambridge A-Levels programme is one of the most recognised Pre-University qualifications in the world. Recognised as the “Gold Standard” for university entrance examinations worldwide, the A-Level Arts is designed to help students progress onto undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Business, Management, Commerce, Economics, Finance, ICT, Communications, Law, Marketing and Mass Communications. The A-Level Science on the other hand will enable you to progress onto undergraduate degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Actuarial Sciences, Aviation, Food Sciences, Forensic Science and Biomedical Sciences, amongst others

Although these programmes are academically sound, they can also be intense and time-consuming. This is why more students are now opting for Foundation programmes that provide great academic preparation, and a fast-tracked route to a degree.

Let's explore what makes a Foundation programme a great choice for pre-university studies!

1. Focused, faster pathway to a Bachelors Degree in the corresponding field. A standard Foundation programme usually lasts for about a year, and during this time, students can get a streamlined experience studying similar subjects that will be relevant during their undergraduate degree programmes. These programmes are great for providing the same level of high quality education, while allowing you to complete your studies faster.

2. Access to a wider range of undergraduate degree programmes, similar to your selected field of study. For example, students who enrol in BAC's Foundation in Digital Technology can access a variety of degrees related to the fields of digital and/or information technology, computer science, cybersecurity, and many more. These programmes have the perfect balance between specialty and flexibility, by providing foundational knowledge in a particular field that can be transferred to different degree programmes.

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3. Great option for students who are interested in studying at a particular college/university, but have not picked a pathway. Students who opt to do a Foundation programme are often given priority to progress on to a Degree programme offered by that particular college/university. Therefore, Foundation programmes are ideal for students who have a particular university in mind, or want to skip the hassle of re-applying to a different institution after completing their Pre-U studies.

4. Great familiarisation programme. The transition from high school to university can be tricky for some to navigate, and Foundation programmes can help students prepare to adjust to the kind of academic expectations when pursuing their degree. This is a great way to get ahead of the crowd. You will be prepared for university workloads, and get familiarised with the material for your degree. Some foundation programmes, like the ones offered by BAC also offer subjects like Critical Thinking Skills and assignment-based assessments to help build valuable soft skills.

5. Get an overview of the degree programme of your choice. Instead of jumping head-first into a degree you might be uncertain of, or grow disillusioned with, enrolling for a Foundation programme will give you the time to see if a particular programme is the right fit for you. If over time you decide that it's not, no worries. You can use the knowledge and skills you've gotten from your programme to pursue a degree in another relevant field. Foundation programmes also usually have the same tutors as their corresponding degrees, making it ideal for building academic connections and a solid support system before entering university.

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6. Affordable and reasonable entry requirements. In comparison to other pre-university courses, a Foundation programme is ideal for students of all financial and academic backgrounds, as it is seen as a cost and time-saving course that is suitable for anyone to achieve their goals of obtaining tertiary education.

Pre-university is an important step before the pursuit of an undergraduate degree. A Foundation programme can provide much in support and preparation for a university degree, and will help you transition to university education with greater ease. They are also efficient, cost-effective, and a great way to build your knowledge, while affirming the academic path of your future!

If you are interested in pursuing a Foundation programme, visit https://www.bac.edu.my/bac/pre-university/ or https://www.bac.edu.sg/ to explore your Foundation options in different areas of study.

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