Take The Deep Dive Into The Blockchain Job Market

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The blockchain industry is capturing the attention of talented professionals from a variety of backgrounds and continues to grow. According to reports, there is a massive spike in candidates searching for roles in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and blockchain. Compared to the jobs posted at the time, there simply weren’t enough open roles to fill the job seekers inquiries. However, that’s likely going to change in the near future, as blockchain companies continue to mature and gain traction in a range of industries.


Sure, the buzzword is blockchain, but does anyone really use it? Fact, over 40 million people across the planet are already tapping into this technology, the number goes bigger by the day which means companies are growing and in need of new talent to fill the gaps. To give you a better sense of where this industry is at and what is trending, we have broken down its different sectors and the job market.


Even though blockchain technology can be applied to nearly any industry, it’s a particularly popular transaction method among financial institutions, especially for the majority of Bitcoin and blockchain startups that fall under Exchanges and Cryptocurrency Trading, Capital Markets and Financial Services, Wallets and Money Services. Take a look here.

While the common understanding that blockchain is heavily rooted in finance, it is also disrupting a number of other industries as well:

44% of gamers are utilizing blockchain to make purchases or trade items in a game.

It’s predicted that 55% of commercial healthcare services will utilize blockchain by 2025.

Even charities and nonprofits are now accepting Blockchain currencies.

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Blockchain is a seriously complicated technology, and many companies are desperate to hire experts knowledgeable on this fairly new subject. Not surprisingly, software engineering roles accounted for about 44% of all open positions in blockchain at the time of publication. There are a number of different types of software engineers out there, and they all have their own strengths and specializations. When it comes to blockchain, the most in-demand coding languages and skill sets are:

  • Front end - 24%
  • Javascript - 13%
  • Java - 13%
  • Golang - 7%


Open marketing roles account for 17% of all blockchain positions. Because blockchain is such a new industry and most people don’t entirely understand what it is or how the technology works, it’s crucial to have an excellent marketing team that can convey your message to investors, customers and users.


Operations is the third most in-demand role in Blockchain, accounting for roughly 13% of all open positions. Within Operations, the most needed skill sets are operations management and information technology (IT).

  • Management - 31%
  • IT - 31%
  • Customer Support - 15%
  • Customer Success - 15%


Considering this industry is heavily rooted in financial services, it makes sense that 8% of open blockchain roles are in the financial realm. These experts are able to help marketing and operations teams, who may not have a background in finance or blockchain, communicate with the right language and gain a better, more technical understanding of their products and services.