Project Management Skills To Impress Your Manager

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You may have heard the term, but don’t really know what it means. In simple terms, Project Management is the process of leading the work of a team, to meet deadlines. The goal? To complete all the work within the constraints and timeframe. The job of a Project Manager however, is not only to remind people about their deadlines. It’s much more than that and here are 5 skills that will put you on your future employer’s radar.


To be a project manager, leadership skills is one of those soft skills you will definitely need. You can start by spearheading assignments or projects. Attend seminars and courses to expand your understanding of being a good leader. Connect with other project managers and ask them how they have handled situations so you can prepare yourself for such a role in your future job.

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Communication and leadership work hand in hand. You will need to communicate with not just your team, but external parties as well. Effective communication is not something you can achieve overnight. Get to know your team to come up with a communication plan. Communicate clearly with your team and if there are any grievances, you will be the key person to resolve matters for your team as well as stakeholders, contractors, vendors and customers.

Risk Management

It would be great if everything went according to plan. However, the odds are not always in everyone’s favour. The best way to manage risk, is to anticipate it. Surely, you can’t account for everything that will go wrong, but for the things you can, have a strategy on how you will handle it. Once again, talk to your team and get their input. Enhance your skills on risk management by reading books on this area. This means you can try out scenarios with your team to anticipate what you may encounter in future projects.

Critical Thinking

This soft skill is important not just for Project Managers, but for everyone! Practice taking a step back and giving yourself time to analyse the situation and once again, communicate and check with others before acting.

Project Planning

The ability to plan well is vital to project management as it is the first step before managing your project. At this point, you will discover potential problems and plan how to solve them. Planning also deals with the project proposal and how you communicate your plan to your team and stakeholders. By setting timelines, deadlines, goals and what you will need out of your stakeholders, you are ensuring the project is a success!

There you have it. These are just some of the skills that will help you get better at project management.

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