Passion, Personality & Your Career Pathway

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Traditionally when people think of work, it is not something that personally relates to them, or that they enjoy doing. Work was often thought of as a time set aside to do what was necessary to feed oneself and their family.

Yet nowadays, at least with the younger generations of workers, we have expanded our perspective of work into that which can relate to us on a more personal and enjoyable level. In other words, we are beginning to learn how our personality and passions can shape our career path. Here are some of the ways which they do.

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One’s personality can match the needs of a job or career.

Think about the various personality traits which vary from person to person. Some people tend to be more outgoing and extroverted, while others are more introverted and keep to themselves more. Some people are more detail-oriented, while others are more “big picture”. Some people are more laid-back, while others are more meticulous. Hence how it would make more sense for an outgoing, “big picture” person to work in sales while an introverted, detail-oriented person to work in accounting, for example. It would be quite a misfit – and potentially crippling – if it was the other way around. Having personality traits that are compatible with the needs of a particular job or career would help one choose, what more excel at a particular career path.


One’s passions can determine the drive, motivation, and direction of one’s career.

Knowing what a person is passionate about extends beyond hobbies or even career, but is to do with the heart of a person for their own life. Of course, some passions can only last for some periods of a person’s life, such as the passion to play a musical instrument or practice some form of art. Still some of the person’s passions are to do with the conviction of their life’s purpose. For instance, the passion to reach out and change lives for the better, the passion to gain vast knowledge or experience, the passion to solve problems, the passion to conquer and overcome challenges, among other things. Discerning one’s passion can help gauge how someone can be motivated especially in the context of a particular career.

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Personality + Passion

In the end, it all boils down to how one’s personality and passions can work together to help shape one’s career path.

Ultimately, being able to know what kind of person you are, as well as the convictions which motivate you, will help you in discerning the kind of careers which you are best suited for. Say, for example, if you are someone who is outgoing with the passion for obtaining knowledge, then your career path might be that of a field researcher! Otherwise, if you are a detail-oriented person with the passion to overcome challenges, you could venture into the career path of a business strategist or even better still, become a CEO of a company!

In conclusion, growing one’s career doesn’t have to be a painstaking process, and work doesn’t have to be boring and disconnected from our true selves. It is when we are at peace with our personality and passion are we enabled to shape a career which we can harmoniously fulfill – or at least be satisfied working in it.