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Here's the BIG Picture

Do you love to travel and experience new places? Are you a ‘people’ person? Are you hungry to build a career in a fast-moving and fast-growing industry?

This programme is comprehensive and preparatory, designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a degree in hospitality, tourism, events management or its related fields. You will gain a solid grounding in core hospitality management subjects whilst developing skill sets to help you succeed in almost any career in the hospitality industry, within Malaysia and globally. 

The Reliance Foundation in Hospitality will prepare you for a world of opportunities with its globally-focused education experience that goes beyond the classroom.

With this Course, You Will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the facts, concepts, principles and processes in the fields of tourism, hospitality, and events.
  • Be able to apply basic principles in the field of tourism, hospitality, and event.
  • Carry out academic activities such as collecting, analysing, and deducing information, either in groups or individuals.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrate the ability to source for information, and the personal skills required at this level, to achieve lifelong learning.

6 Reasons to Study FIH at BAC

Over 30 Years of Pioneering & Innovating Hospitality Education in Malaysia

Start in April and Graduate up to Two Years Earlier

Pathway to World-Class UK Degrees

State-of-the-art Industrial Kitchen and Mock Hotel Facilities

Strong Industry Links

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Why choose Reliance College?

Founded in the early 1980s, Reliance College is a pioneer in the field of Tourism and Hospitality education. We offer a cutting-edge education experience designed to give you expert practical training alongside the management skills you need for a career in the global hospitality industry. Our forward-thinking courses offer strong industry connections and a high-quality curriculum to launch your career in hospitality and to be prepared for the changing nature of work.

How Do I Get In?

  • 5 credits in SPM or IGCSE or equivalent
  • Minimum 3B’s in UEC
  • Other qualifications recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education

*Trial Examinations/Forecast results are accepted

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Semester 1

Introduction to Information, Communication & Technology

This module will develop your understanding of the basic principles of computer hardware and software.

Introduction to Hotel Management

You will be introduced to the nature of a hotel business, the type and classification of hotels, the set-up, and operational workflow of a hotel. You will gain an insight to the different tasks required to successfully manage a hotel operation, and have a clear understanding on what it takes to be successful in this industry. 

Introduction to Front Office Operation

This module introduces you to the systems and procedures required for Front Office Operations using a Property Management System (PMS) in managing guest requests. It provides an overview of the functions and supervisory aspects of the front office department. You will develop knowledge and skills in departmental procedures as well as understanding key legislation.

Business Studies

This module will give you an overall perspective on business. You will learn about the meaning of business and the factors that relate to the business environment. You will also learn about a business’ most important resource, its people, and how to successfully manage this resource. This module introduces the concept of marketing and why this is such a vital process within any business. You will be exposed to the nature of operations and project management, and the process of finance and accounting. 

English 1 (Pre-intermediate)

This module is specifically designed to prepare you for tertiary studies and effective communication in the workplace. The main emphasis is on enabling learners to communicate more effectively in academic, social and work situations. You will be exposed to current areas of specialisation and encouraged to further develop reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. 

Semester 2

Introduction to Tourism Management

This module provides an introduction to all facets of tourism including the history and types of tourism; covering tourist types and behaviour, tour planning information, tourism organizations, tourism impacts, basic of airline ticketing, and forecasting future trends. 

Introduction to Tour Guiding

There are many places of interest in this world. With the millions of people around, the desire to learn and see more of the world, people engage in tourism. The tourism industry is the bedrock of most modern economies for it includes countless components that influence the survival and livelihood of the residents. Despite the obvious economic advantages of the industry, the esthetic benefits to the buyer and service provider cannot be underestimated. This course examines the linkages that exist within the tapestry of this industry, the benefits and development.

Introduction to Culinary Arts

This module will involve theory and practical sessions to teach students about the discipline of culinary arts. You will learn to distinguish and safely operate commonly used kitchen utensils and equipment, and learn about the different food commodities and food preparation techniques. You will be exposed to ‘hands-on skills’ based on the basic cooking principles learnt for the preparation of different dishes. 

Introduction to Food and Beverage

This module has been designed in line with the industry and is designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge and basic technical skills necessary for operating and managing a successful restaurant, bar and other food and beverage business. You will be introduced to the F&B industry and profession, the related equipment and materials, the different type of menus and menu planning techniques, and the service rule, styles, techniques, and sequence. You will also be trained on the menu knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and the practical aspects of restaurant and bar service. 

Cultural Tourism, Events and Festivals

This module examines the relationship between culture and tourism, as the factors of culture, traditions, customs, and religions are related closely to tourism and events. Particular emphasis is also placed upon cultural tourism in different spatial and social contexts. You will learn the nature of multi-culturalism, the relationship between events and multi-culturalism, the cuisine experience of multiple cultures, the festival practices of different cultures, and how these cultural components relate to tourism. 

English 2 (Intermediate)

This module is designed to develop and improve reading skills needed for college work. You will be taught to differentiate between main ideas and supporting details, patterns of organisation in a paragraph or passage, to identify relations between sentences, using context clues to determine meaning of words. 

Semester 3

Principles of Accounting

This module introduces the fundamental concepts, principles and basic techniques of accounting. You will develop a knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of accounting, thus equipping you with key transferable employability skills. This module syllabus includes basic principles, concepts and terms. 

Introduction to Event Organising

This module is designed to introduce you to the event industry, especially tourism-related events and the processes of planning for such events. You will explore the nature and scope of events and the event experience alongside the examination of event tourism typologies, and enable you to gain an appreciation of the political, economic and environmental costs and benefits of local, national and international events. 

Critical Thinking Skills

You will practice some of the most central and important skills of critical thinking, and focus on applying those strategies to understanding current issues, belief systems, and ethical positions. You will analyse media, the current political environment, and your own beliefs and moral inclinations. You will learn to appraise information and influences, discuss controversial topics intelligently, and construct well-reasoned arguments on a variety of topics.  

Tourism Destination Development and Planning

There are many places of interest in this world. With the millions of people around, the desire to learn and see more of the world, people engage in tourism. The tourism industry is the bedrock of most modern economies for it includes countless components that influence the survival and livelihood of the residents. This module examines the linkages that exist within the tapestry of this industry, the benefits and development. 

Presentation Skills

This module aims to develop your communication and language skills in order to plan and deliver an effective presentation. You will be taken systematically through the key stages of giving presentations, from planning and introducing to concluding and handling questions. Additionally, you will experience not only how to give an effective presentation, but also how to become an effective listener. 

Tuition Fees

EPF Withdrawals, EZ Payment Plans, 0% Credit Card Installment Schemes, Scholarships and Bursaries are available.

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Hello there, welcome to BAC Education!

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Hello there, welcome to BAC Education!

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