Empowering Youth For The Workforce

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The wise Nelson Mandela once said, “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”.

This especially rings true when it comes to the global economy and jobs sector. The youth of today are going to be the ones to take change and drive it forward.

Let’s look into ways we can empower the youth for the workforce.

Firstly, we ought to empower the youth with relevant competencies for the workforce. Especially for a young adult, it would take some time and effort to navigate and meet the demands of the working world as they enter it. This calls for the youth to be equipped with the core knowledge and skills that will help them to adapt to their working environment. Such core competencies include: resource management; interpersonal skills; the ability to collect, organise, and process information; knowledge of systems; and knowledge of technology. One way youth can be equipped with those competencies is by learning and practicing them in the classroom.

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Secondly, we ought to make practical skill-based courses more accessible to the youth. Based on specific interests each youth may have, specialised skill-based courses can be recommended to them. For instance, if a youth is interested in content creation, a course in Mass Communication can be offered to them online at an affordable rate. Or in another case, if a youth is interested in culinary, the same can be done with a course in Hospitality and Tourism. Making these options accessible to them will help them be further equipped to drive the industry forward.

Lastly, we should teach entrepreneurial skills to enable youth the power to expand current business, birth new ones, and create job opportunities such that it will expand the workforce. Entrepreneurship has indeed become crucial in this day and age, as it has become the cornerstone for developing a nation’s economy. This makes it just as relevant for the nation’s future economic growth. Entrepreneurial skills should be taught not just as a specialised course on its own but as an essential skill in the classroom.

The youth of today definitely have the potential to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow. All it takes is to equip them with the right tools and guidance, and they will go a little further than we ever have.

Rest assured, with their success comes our overall economic sustainability.