5 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself

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Future-proofing is the art of keeping yourself relevant to remain employable in a rapidly-changing job market. With digital transformation, many new jobs will be created which requires future-proofing yourself to meet new challenges at the workplace.

So, how can you future-proof yourself?

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1. Brush up on basic skills

Although certain types of jobs may require ‘technical skills’, it is widely known that employers seek to hire talent with a good grasp of basic language and communication skills. Being able to write emails without spelling or grammar mistakes is essential. So, the first step would be to simply read more and practise basic writing and communication skills!

2. Develop employability skills

You’ll need more than one skill to flaunt on your resume when you look to land a job. Employability skills necessarily includes both ‘soft skills’ and ‘specialised or technical skills’. Do a quick search online or sign up for employment programmes such as Project DEEP that offer unique on-the-job skills training to meet the demands of the future workplace


3. Build a professional network

Networking helps build valuable connections throughout different phases in your life, whether you have just graduated, starting a business of your own, or looking for a change in your career. Make the effort to engage with experienced individuals from different industries that could help you out or connect you with prospective employers.

4. Learn to be resilient

Being resilient is one of the best ways to build your career. Although you may feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks or unhappy in your current job, strive to be patient and learn from the experience, both good and bad ones. The ‘future you’ will come back and thank you for grinding all those years and being committed to a job. Not only does it show your loyalty and patience, it also looks good on your resume.

5. Keep learning and be open to change

Everyone has that one dream job they aim for, but have you considered branching out? Sometimes you might even find yourself loving a job that you never even considered before, and a lot of success stories actually tell us the same. Whatever the case may be, never stop learning and always keep an open mind when it comes to your career path; don’t be afraid to try something new as you may be pleasantly surprised. Don’t be limited by your dreams, instead be inspired by them!


You will find a wide range of career portals leading you towards the career of your choice, be sure to select one that suits your needs.


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