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    Discover the recipes from the Land of the Rising Sun!

    If you are passionate about Japanese cuisine and want to enhance your expertise in this specialised area, the Professional Certificate in Japanese Cuisine by Reliance College is specifically tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the field of Japanese culinary arts.

    This course will focus on traditional techniques, ingredients and flavors, teaching you how to create authentic and delicious Japanese dishes. With 3 levels being offered – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, you can progress at your own pace and gradually build on your skills and knowledge. Each level offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential techniques, ingredients, and traditional recipes. By completing all three levels, you will have a well-rounded understanding of Japanese cuisine and be able to confidently prepare authentic dishes.

    Professional Certificate in Japanese Cuisine

    Professional Certificate in Japanese Cuisine


    March 2024


    March / April 2024


    April 2024

    March – April 2024 | 7pm – 10pm | Reliance Training Kitchen

    March – April 2024
    7pm – 10pm
    Reliance Training Kitchen


    Basic Course in Japanese Cuisine


    March 2024

    4th March 2024

    Module 1: Theory

    • Kitchen Safety and Hygiene
    • Introduction to Japanese Cuisine
      • – Cooking Method
      • – Utensil
      • – Ingredients

    5th March 2024

    Module 2: Practical

    • Yaki Udon
      • – Japanese Stir fried Noodles
    • Hiyashi
      • – Cold Ramen

    6th March 2024

    Module 3: Practical (Industrial Chef)

    • Chirashizushi
      • – Festive scattered sushi rice
    • Chicken Teriyaki
      • – Japanese grilled chicken

    7th March 2024

    Module 4: Practical

    • Sukiyaki
      • – One pot style with thinly sliced meat and vegetables
    • Tosaage Tofu
      • – Grilled Japanese Tofu

    11th March 2024

    Module 5: Practical

    • Oyako Don
      • – Japanese Rice Bowl Dish
    • Daikon Kinpira
      • – Japanese Stir fried Lotus Root

    12th March 2024

    Module 6: Practical

    • Asari Miso Soup
      • – Japanese Dashi Soup
    • Gyoza
      • – Japanese Fried Dumpling

    13th March 2024

    Module 7: Practical (Industrial Chef)

    • Handmade Udon
    • Chawanmushi
      • – Japanese Steam Egg with Dashi

    14th March 2024

    Module 8: Practical

    • Japanese Potatoes Salad
    • Shiratama Dango
      • – Japanese Rice Cake


    Intermediate Course in Japanese Cuisine


    March / April 2024

    25th March 2024

    Module 1: Practical

    • Vegetable Gyoza

      • – Japanese fried dumpling
    • Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry
    • Coffee Jelly

    26th March 2024

    Module 2: Practical

    • Sweet and Spicy Glazed Edamame
    • Chicken Karrage with Rice

      • – Japanese Fried Chickens
    • Japanese Pudding

      • – Traditional Japanese custard

    27th March 2024

    Module 3: Practical (Industrial Chef)

    • Hiyayakko

      • – Japanese Chilled Tofu
    • Spicy Miso Ramen
    • Castella Cake

      • – Japanese light sponge cake

    28th March 2024

    Module 4: Practical

    • Japanese Pickled Cucumber with Soy Sauce
    • Gyudon

      • – Japanese Beef Bowl
    • Dango

      • – Sweet rice dumpling on skewer

    1st April 2024

    Module 5: Practical

    • Harumaki

      • – Japanese spring roll with chicken
    • Nikujaga

      • – Japanese Beef Stew
    • Matcha Cookies

      • – Green tea cookies

    2nd April 2024

    Module 6: Practical

    • Japanese Miso Eggplant
    • Yosenabe

      • – Japanese Hot Pot
    • Matcha Tiramisu

      • – Green tea tiramisu

    3rd April 2024

    Module 7: Practical (Industrial Chef)

    • Japanese Izakaya Style

      • – Salted cabbage
    • Niku Udon

      • – Japanese Meat Udon
    • Anmisu

      • – Japanese wagashi dessert made with kanten jelly

    4th April 2024

    Module 8: Practical

    • Tempua Moriawase

      • – Prawn and Vagetable Fritters
    • Japanese Miso Stew
    • Sakura Mochi

      • – Pink rice cake with red bean paste


    Advanced Course in Japanese Cuisine


    April 2024

    15th April 2024

    Module 1: Practical (Industrial Chef)

    • Fresh Assorted Sashimi Demo / Cuts

      • – Japanese Chilled Tofu
      • – Tuna
      • – Salmon
      • – Scallops
      • – Red Snapper
      • – Squid
      • – Oyster

    16th April 2024

    Module 2: Practical

    • Yakitori

      • – Japanese Skewered
    • Oden

      • – One-pot dishes consisting of several ingredients served in a dashi and soy soup
    • Matcha Swiss Roll

    17th April 2024

    Module 3: Practical

    • Tenderloin Rumaki

      • – Japanese tenderloin wrapped in beef bacon
    • Unagi no Kabayaki

      • – Grilled freshwater eel
    • Japanese Cheese Cake

    18th April 2024

    Module 4: Practical

    • Simmered Daikon

      • – Radish simmered in broth
    • Yakizakana

      • – Grilled whole Sanma fish served with side dish, vegetables and rice
    • Dorayaki

      • – Japanese Red Bean Pancake

    22nd April 2024

    Module 5: Practical (Industrial Chef)

    • Sushi / Hand Roll

      • – Nigiri
      • – Hand-Pressed bed of rice with seafood
      • – Maki
      • – Uramaki
      • – Temaki
      • – Inari
      • – California Roll

    23rd April 2024

    Module 6: Practical

    • Agedashi Tofu
    • Tepanyaki

      • – Beef
      • – Seafood
      • – Chickens
    • Dango

      • – sweet wagashi made from rice and glutinous rice flour

    24th April 2024

    Module 7: Practical (Industrial Chef)

    • Kaiseki Ryori

        • – Japanese Sit-Down Dinner

    25th April 2024

    Module 8: Industrial Visit

    Fine Dining Restaurant Visit.

    Complete all 3 levels for an exclusive promo price of RM8,000

    Meet Your Trainer!

    Puon Swee Kent

    Chef & Lecturer, Reliance College

    Puon Swee Kent is a distinguished expert in Chinese and Japanese Cuisine. Graduating with honours from the prestigious Le Gordon Blue, he has seamlessly merged the artistry of Western and Asian cuisine with the rich tapestry of local flavours. Armed with an Advanced Diploma from Le Gordon Blue, Chef Kent embarked on his culinary experience through his working adventure in top notch hotels. He is also a devoted lecturer in pastry, bakery, and culinary arts, and has been teaching at renowned culinary schools for nearly 9 years. His passion, talent, and dedication ensure each dish is culinary magic.

    Simon Chong

    Chef & Lecturer, Reliance College

    With 23 years of experience as a chef specialising in Japanese cuisine, Chef Simon Chong has honed his skills in creating authentic and innovative dishes that showcase the rich flavors and delicate techniques of Japanese cuisine. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of working in renowned restaurants and collaborating with talented chefs, allowing him to constantly learn and evolve his craft. Chef Simon is adept at introducing new menu items, managing kitchens, developing menus, and leading teams with a proven track record.

    Suzanne Chong

    Chef & Lecturer, Reliance College

    Suzanne Chong is known for her meticulousness and boundless excitement in the kitchen. She has a wealth of culinary experience, which include practical training, buying, and cooking. Since 2014, she has been propelled by her inventive "cook ideas," which center on home-cooked meals, catering from private kitchens, and initiatives for home chefs. In reality, her goal in the kitchen is to work culinary magic. Chef Suzanne has also been invited to various television programmes such as Astro AEC's Healthy-Licious, RTM2's Mandarin News and she was also featured on China Press. These opportunities have allowed her to showcase her culinary expertise and share her passion for cooking with a wider audience.

    Roslan Darus

    Chef & Lecturer, Reliance College

    Roslan Darus is a renowned chef with over 30 years of experience in world-class resorts and upscale restaurants. He is known for his creative flair, innovative techniques and passion. He was awarded Prince Hotel & Residences' Chef of the Year in 2004. Chef Roslan has continuously pushed the limits of culinary innovation throughout his career, looking for novel methods and ingredients to use in his cooking. Because of his commitment to his work, he's become one of the most sought-after chefs in the business.